I've recorded some examples of the kind of repertoire I teach to advanced students. Enjoy!

Telemann's Fantasia No. 6 in d-minor for flute (arranged by myself for Bb clarinet), I. Dolce and II. Allegro. The clarinet was not invented yet during the Baroque era when Telemann composed this work for the flute but it works very nicely on the clarinet and is an excellent exercise for learning to play with musical phrasing over large leaps both fast and slow.

This is an etude from one of the standard texts for the clarinet by Cyrille Rose. The book has one slow and one fast etude in many keys. This is the slow a-minor etude marked Andante Sostenuto, a beautiful etude for learning phrasing, legato and expressive ornamentation.

This etude comes from a wonderful book by Victor Polatschek which is a collection of works which imitate the works of famous composers from Bach's French Suites to Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire. This etude is useful for learning to play fast music with a light and graceful touch.